Khamis, 29 Mei 2014


NU HIP PAD ~My Sexy Butt! kembalikan keyakinan diri anda! 

apa nak buat ni, pakai dress, jeans, smuanya serba x kena! aduhhhh.. jgn risau lagi, kini dgn nu hip pad, anda kini tampil lebih yakin!

Ada 3 size S, M dan L:-
Size S (jeans size bawah 26)
Size M (jeans size 27-29)
Size L (Jeans size 30-32)

2 warna:-

Celebrities have carefully kept their secrets to a perfect booty for many years… Well now, the secret out!! - MyMagicButt padded panties. MyMagicButt padded panties works wonders to enhance and help you achieve the perfect sexy butt you’ve always wanted, instantly! You don’t have to go for surgery or spend hours in the gym. Just slip on these comfy padded panty and transform your favourite jeans, from FLAT to FABULOUS in seconds only with MyMagicButt padded panties.

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