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Vessly MILKY G Bird Nest & Papaya Milk Tea for Breast Enhancement

Product Introduction

Vessly MILKY G Bird Nest & Papaya Milk Tea for Breast Enhancement was launched by the Korean Women’s Research Foundation by Professor Moon Hee Eun , in collaboration with the Korea Vessly Perfect Body Committee in 2006, at Korea. It went into mass production in the year 2010, after achieving fame throughout Korea, eventually gaining popularity throughout South East Asia. Today, it is one of the leading bust up brands in Asia.
Vessly MILKY G Bird Nest & Papaya Milk Tea for Breast Enhancement promoting the best solution for breast acini theory by using a European freeze drying technology to retain its original form, flavor, color, taste, quality, as well as providing longer shelf life, without any use of preservatives, additives nor artificial colors. This quality product introduces extensive repair, activation and support for the secondary development of breast cells completely resolving issues including small breasts, flat chests, sag, poor elasticity, dark areolas and poor skin conditions; producing an A to G Cup results with larger, firmer and shapely breasts. Bird Nest & Papaya Milk Tea also improves the female endocrine system transforming ladies into youthful feminine beauty from the inside out.
Vessly MILKY G Bird Nest & Papaya Milk Tea has been granted patents in Korea and abides strict standards from the International GMP, National Food and Drug Safety, and Quality Standards of Production, reaching the standards of the Ministry of Health as well as the State Administration of Quality Supervision; certified free of toxic metals, chemically altered ingredients, additives nor preservatives – bringing you a wholesome 100% safe and environmentally friendly product.

4 Beauty Benefits

  • Breast Enhancement
    Truly suitable for the less endowed and all mothers who wish to correct a deficit in breast volume after pregnancy – Enjoy every Cup in your journey today!
  • Breast Beautifications
    Naturally improves the shape of your breasts, recapturing its youthful colour and beauty.
    Combats uneven shape growth, breast sag, loose breast and dark areolas in exchange for a more confident you!
  • Radiant Skin
    Designed to care for the female endocrine system to improve dry and dull coloured skin.
    All Ladies can now enjoy a longer term of flawless and radiant skin!
  • Inner Care
    Going back to the root of all hormonal activity, Milky G is carefully formulated to support the female endocrine system, aiming at hormonal balance, while enhancing your breasts, fixing irregular periods, and protecting your vaginal health.Every Lady can now gain optimum health flowing from the inside out!

5 Key Ingredients that made THE difference!

  • Bird’s Nest
    Best known for its rich amount of collagen, Bird’s Nest has helped beautify countless women in asia. Trust it to improve your countenance, regaining skin elasticity and cellulite reduction (orange peel). A sincere combination for those who are both beauty and health conscious.
  • Green Papaya
    An excellent tropical fruit that promotes richer breast cell growth, providing a big-hand for your breast enhancement. Also a crucial colon cleanser , detoxifier, and exfoliator to achieve lustrous alluring skin.
  • Thailand Pueraria
    Probably not the most attractive herb to look out for, but its potential as a breast beautifier is eye-catching indeed! Thai Pueraria tigntens, tones and lifts up existing breast tissues to achieve shapelier firm breasts – definitely an attractive choice.
  • Tomato Lycopene
    Effective to maintain skin conditions for a younger and lasting touch promoting healthier cell cycles and a slower aging rate.
  • Collagen
    Do you know collagen and water reveals a surprising structure also called as the Collagen Water Chain? This discovery has been scientifically proven to enhance the duty and production of molecules, tissues and cells throughout the human body. Clearly we now know, collagen works alongside with water in keeping the skin hydrated all day, for a smoother and radiant skin.

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